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    Why did you become a fractional CMO?

    I owned a digital ad agency for 17 years. Every client wanted my full attention to their business which I could not give because I was handling new business pitches, HR, billing and other business owner duties. Now clients get me and just me.


    When would I need a fractional CMO?

    When you need expert marketing leadership and marketing services to accelerate growth and improve profitability, but you’re not quite ready to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer.


    How is this different than an ad agency?

    You get to work directly with me. I am the lead throughout the entire process. You don't get handed over to an account executive. I also work with your staff and play well with others. If you have an ad agency, I would be happy to collaborate.


    Do you mark up any outsourced services?

    No. You pay the net rates of any vendor, plus I pass on any discounts I received on media placed.


    How do you begin?

    I always start by asking questions about your business – past and present – and inquiring about the goals and vision of your business. We set specific goals. Achieving your goals is what drives me.


    What if I have a marketing staff or ad agency?

    Many clients need leadership to direct their in-house teams to become more efficient. Others just want a fractional CMO for a product campaign or launch. Others want a fractional CMO to compliment their traditional ad agency with more aggressive digital leadership.


    What does your fee cover?

    It covers my time. Any advertising costs would be additional where you receive the bill directly at net rates. I am transparent.


    Do you implement your plan?

    Yes. I put a plan and budget together that are acceptable to you, and immediately turn to hands-on, carrying out the tasks required to ensure your vision is attained. I either use your in-house staff or vendors, or I can recommend my army of expert partners whom are some of the best in the business that took me 17 years to cultivate.


    How do you track success?

    I am driven by success. The beauty of the internet is we can travel everything. I like to win.


    Do you have a contracted minimum?

    One month is my minimum. Most clients hire me for 3-12 months.


    What is your out clause.

    30 day notice.


    How many clients do you take on?

    Only 2 clients at a time.


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